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How to Help a Double Chin: Products and Exercises

Sometimes, no matter what body type you have, developing double chin just cannot be helped. Double chin is that unsightly, extra layer of fat just below the jaw line which becomes more pronounced if you look down or lower your jaw line.  Aging and obesity are two of the most common causes of double chin. If you have this problem and you do not want to undergo a surgical procedure to get rid of double chin, there are products and exercises which are available for you. Take a look at the following list:

Exercises to Help Prevent Double Chin

One of the basic exercises that you can do daily just before you sleep to help get rid of double chin is to work on the muscle at the bottom of your neck. First, lie on your side and then gently place your head on the pillow. Second, tilt your head backwards at an angle that will not strain the muscles on your neck. Make sure that you will not experience any discomfort in the process. Do this for about three to five minutes every night, as part of your evening routine so that the muscles just below your jaw line will be firmer and more toned.

Another basic exercise can be done while standing or sitting upright is to tilt your head up while keeping the mouth in a relaxed position. Then, slowly place your lower lip over the top lip and maintain this position for about three to five second. Relax your head afterwards, and repeat the exercise for about five times every day.

With these exercise, the muscles right below your jaw line are toned and stretched so they become firmer, much like the effect that running has on the leg muscles. Thus, double chin will be eliminated.

Products to Help Eliminate Double Chin
The double chin products are the ones shown above that include are firming neck firming creams that are also referred to as skin toning lotions that you can apply on the area just below the jaw line and the neck. The fastest working product is the double chin neck wrap that works like a body wrap to get rid of the excess sagging skin super fast. These products will work in such a way that the skin will be toned, tightened and rejuvenated to get rid of the wrinkles, and help eliminate double chin. By applying these products, you will have a firmer, tighter, toned and more resilient skin to eliminate double chin. The moisturizing effects of these lotions and creams, along with the natural ingredients like ginseng, natural oils and shea butter will also give you more youthful skin.
To make these products and double chin exercises work for you, you need to enhance your diet into a fat-free and low-calorie one, so that you can live a healthier lifestyle. Fat is the primary culprit of double chin, so you need to include a lot of protein and fiber on your diet. A good skin regimen is also helpful in keeping your facial skin looking young and healthy. Finally, along with the aforementioned exercises, you can use the skin toning, skin firming and skin tightening products and you may just see that unsightly double chin disappear if you exert some time and effort into eliminating it.
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